What are my values and why they are important to me

My top  five values  are :

  • Harmony –  This means  that unity in relationships; the absence of conflict and strife between associates. Harmony is important to me because am not the type of person to be negative and I do  not like conflicts. I believe that relationships with others must create a bond that cannot be broken .


  • Love- This means unselfish devotion that freely accepts another person.  Love is important to me because I treat others how I want to be treated. I believe that relationships with love should not be judged based on the type of person that is involved .


  • Honesty- This means truth, openness and fairness of conduct; integrity. Honesty is important to me as it reflects if a person  is real and being truthful. I believe that a honest person must be rewarded for being loyal and real.


  • Relationships- This means being surrounded by people who like and care about you. Relationships are important to me as it give an open mind and willingness to say things that a next person should know. They create bonds and friendship to a next person.


  • Autonomy- This means the drive to be an independent, self-determining individual. Autonomy is important to me as it speaks about me. I aim to be independent and I am a very determine individual. I believe that I will reach my goals one day in the act of helping others.

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