Why I joined IROSE IN TECH?

I Christina Green joined the IROSE In TECH program because it creates an opportunity for me to pursue something that I would love to do later in the future and also to get external help in Information Technology.  So far since the program began , I have learnt many things that I did not even realize about myself. Some of which are :

  • Controlling – I am interested in taking on different leadership roles.
  • Responsible-  I am a person to get things done on time and people always tend to depend on me to get tasks done accurately.
  • Relator- I am the type of person to care about others feelings, opinions and ideas. I get close to people who seem to have low self-esteem just to motivate them.
  • Discipline- I tend to complete tasks on time and accurately.

I realize that I love  to council my peers and give them advice but before this program I found myself doing it but not as often as I would  have wanted to. This program open my mind and is pushing me to go ahead and work on what I do best.

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